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How to Qualify for
Heirs Insurance Rewards

Step 1

Sign up as a customer of any of our Heirs Insurance brands.

Step 2

Renew your policy on or before its due date.

Step 3

Keep your policy active for over 12 months.

Step 4

Maintain a cumulative premium above N100,000 a year.

Eligible customers get up to 50% discount when they visit any of our partner stores including hotels, gym & fitness outlets, bookstores, spa outlets, auto garages, and more!

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Here's How to be Eligible

1. Maintain a plan whose cumulative premium falls within any of the ranges below:

  • Regular Band (N100,000 - N500,000)
  • Classic Band (N501,000 - N1,999,999)
  • All-stars Band (N2,000,000 - N4,999,999)
  • Prestige Band (N5,000,000+)

2. Consistently keep your policy active for a minimum of 12 months.

3. Renew your policy on or before its due date.

Within the first twelve months of meeting these criteria, you will receive a formal invitation for your loyalty card and be able to enjoy the many benefits of Heirs Insurance Rewards.

Friendly and helpful support when you need it.

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