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Whether you are travelling for business, leisure, school or pilgrimage, our Travel Insurance plans will cover the risks associated with travelling outside your country of residence, no matter where you go.

Our affordable Travel Insurance plans – Standard Protection (Business/Tourism), Students Protection, and Pilgrimage Protection – ensure that you have a plan that fits any occasion. These plans will cover your medical emergencies, lost baggage, delayed or cancelled flights and many more.

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This plan is suitable for individuals and families travelling for business/leisure and want to enjoy their trip without worries. The cover period is for up to 92 days.


This plan covers medical emergencies, personal accidents and more so you can study without worry. The cover period is for up to a year (365 consecutive days).


Focus on the spiritual things in the Holy Lands while we cover you. This is for individuals traveling on pilgrimage. The cover period is for up to 45 days.

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