Comprehensive Cover

This is the ‘full-course meal’ of motor insurance for those who want more cover and less headaches.

Our Heirs Comprehensive insurance offers total coverage for your vehicle against accident, fire, theft, flood, riot or civil commotion, and other related risks. If any of the stated risks happen, we pay to repair or replace your car.

This way, you can drive with peace of mind, knowing that your precious four-wheel is fully covered by Heirs General Insurance.

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Comprehensive Cover

5% / of car value


Comprehensive Cover

5% / of car value


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Excess is the fixed amount or a percentage of every claim that you, the insured, are expected to bear when you have a claim. It is usually a small amount, compared to what Heirs General Insurance will pay. It is your way of accepting some responsibility to keep your property safe. When you have a claim, the fixed amount and the percentage option will be assessed. You will be required to pay the higher of the two. However, to avoid Excess charges on your claim, you have the option to buy the excess back at the start of the policy.

Excess Buy Back, therefore, is the money you pay to cover up for the excess charge at the inception of a policy which is between 0.5% -1% of the value of the car. Always check your policy document for the terms of your cover.

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